Saturday, February 20, 2010

I'm still sad that he's gone

Here's an amazing montage of Alexander McQueen's fashion shows, courtesy of my favorite blog.

Love for Roger

I've hated on Roger Ebert for a lot of my post-adolescence. But lately I've been enjoying his reviews again -- they're not the deepest, or even particularly witty, but he's just so unpretentious and easy to read (which is a talent) that I find myself going to his website more and more. I'll always be grateful to him and Gene Siskel for introducing me to some great movies. When I was 12, I found this site, with all of their top 10 lists from 1969 until the present, and decided to try to see every movie that both of them had ranked. (Yes, I cross-referenced the lists - yes, I was a nerd. Also, some of those movies were really inappropriate for someone in middle school. Where the hell were my parents when I was watching Leaving Las Vegas?!)

Anyway, this recent profile of Roger in Esquire makes me love him -- it's amazing, and inspiring, and deeply heartfelt. I hope you'll all read it.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tracey takes on...

Brilliant, just brilliant. Courtesy of Amneris.