Saturday, February 20, 2010

Love for Roger

I've hated on Roger Ebert for a lot of my post-adolescence. But lately I've been enjoying his reviews again -- they're not the deepest, or even particularly witty, but he's just so unpretentious and easy to read (which is a talent) that I find myself going to his website more and more. I'll always be grateful to him and Gene Siskel for introducing me to some great movies. When I was 12, I found this site, with all of their top 10 lists from 1969 until the present, and decided to try to see every movie that both of them had ranked. (Yes, I cross-referenced the lists - yes, I was a nerd. Also, some of those movies were really inappropriate for someone in middle school. Where the hell were my parents when I was watching Leaving Las Vegas?!)

Anyway, this recent profile of Roger in Esquire makes me love him -- it's amazing, and inspiring, and deeply heartfelt. I hope you'll all read it.

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