Saturday, October 11, 2008

Dolly Parton

This is a great interview with Dolly Parton from Studio 360. I remember how Ms. Cusack in fourth grade would play her version of "I Will Always Love You" if we behaved well. (It was a nice way to end the day.)

I love her sense of humor - how self-depracating and disarming it is. My friend Amanda has a live album by Dolly, on which she dedicates one of the songs to the drag queens in the front row: "Y'all look more like me than I ever will!"


Anonymous said...

How about this quote from Dolly on Wikipedia:

"It takes a lot of money to look this cheap."


devin said...

that has to be the most elegant picture of dolly ever taken... by a long shot.

Anna Yanofsky said...

I've heard some things about Dolly that make her my modern day hero. You remind me when I see you next and I'll dish em to ya.