Sunday, September 14, 2008

Becky and Marcus's Wedding!

Ryan, Emily, Becky, Me, Matt, and Alex. Becky's holding a felt stitching of the ultimate tattoo - one that combines all the most popular cliches: a flaming skull with a rose in its mouth, whose one eye is a ying-yang and whose other is a peace sign. Ryan and Emily, who I recently visited in Vermont, made it.

I love this shot of Becky and her mom. Try to ignore the guy to the left.

Emily and her stick-on tattoo.

Becky and Marcus unwrap the ultimate.

Becky and I did not get married.


Anna Yanofsky said...

Everyone looks so beautiful. How lovely.

Anonymous said...

Hi Emily, how nice to see a photo of you and Ryan!!
I even remember Marcus from the Co-Op.