Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Luke Ramsey

The trip to Vermont was wonderful. I didn't take any pictures because they would have looked small and stupid, and Vermont demands majesty!

Anyhoo, Ryan showed me a room that his friend Luke Ramsey painted for a nephew of his. Would the fruits have scared me as a kid? I was a very sensitive child...

Sorry for the sporadic blog postings - It's not school that's keeping me, it's the Olympics! USA! USA! (and all that stuff about international harmony as well)


Maize said...

the pear kind of scares me. all the ones w/ light eyes do...but they're also sorta cute. they're only slightly creepy if i stare too long. beautiful!!!

Maria said...

this is unrelated, though i like the painting very much. but every time i type in your blog address I laugh a little, and then ask myself, "wait, does he?"