Thursday, July 3, 2008

Men's Fashion - Spring 2009

Here's an obvious winner. It's from Junya Watanabe, who's been collaborating with Brooks Brothers lately. Of course, this kind of idealization of the stylish traveler is a little absurd (those tight pants will get motherfucking hot on safari, prettyboy) - still, I like it.

This is from Dolce & Gabbana. Try to ignore the face and glasses, and just focus on how freakishly well this suit fits. As someone who wears a dress shirt size that Brooks Brothers doesn't even make (15" neck, 35" arm), I'm impressed.

This is from Miharayasushiro. I'm just going to focus on the top and the bottom. First, I like imagining that a very dark rain cloud is descending over this fellow - that it has darkened not only the collar of his jacket, but also his mood. (The gloominess is just a little more interesting than most models' I think.)

And then there's whatever's on his feet. Is this what Romans used when somebody sprained their ankle? The outfit is strange, but not so much that I think it's beyond the realm of good or bad. I like it - I'm a fan.

Obviously she's not a man. Think of this as a bonus. That hair! Brilliant!
(The dress is Alexander McQueen.)


colly mack said...

"Try to ignore the face and glasses"

Why? He's thexthay.

Luxury ties designer said...

I love the first look!!very cool