Friday, July 11, 2008

"Gamma Ray" by Beck

What's the story here? Who cares? We get to see some great shots of Beck in wayfarers. I envy people who can wear them, just like I envy people who can wear levi's and converses (and trust me, not everyone can).

The song is off of his new album, which I'm kind of lukewarm about - though I do love one song off of it called "Chemtrails," which is this trippy, sad Skip Spence-influenced reverie with lyrics that keep asking "So many people / Where do they go?" Where indeed.

I will post music videos for people other than Beck, I promise.

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"I Love you, Catmother!" said...


I really love this song! And this video! And its entire style: "sixties by way of the grunge nineties by way of post-millennium 'Adobe AfterEffects' digital editing."

(phew! What a long journey that was.)