Monday, February 11, 2008

So this is why football is so popular.

Yes, it's an ad. But it's a really great ad.


Maria said...

That was awesome. I want to date those guys.

Yuval said...

Well, Maria, I'm proud to tell you I'm one of them. uh - maybe not exactly, but I'm a member of the national Israeli football team of authors, which is the most random sports club to belong to ever. I'm probably the worst player there, too. None of these knockout moves (loved the bridge.)

The funny thing is that most players on our team, among them an ultraprthodox poet and a major local rock star who once published a novel, take it very seriously. This June we are due to play in Berlin against Germany's authors. Thankfully, they don't look too scary in their group shot (though they're all young. Gunther Grass is nowhere to be seen). We shall avenge mein Kampf!

Great pick, Rahul. I loved the music and the backdrops too.