Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Worst Use of an Education Ever.

“I took several art history classes in school, and photography...When I look at a picture, I go through the same process as when I look at a news story. How can I process this image to make this as entertaining as possible to my readers? I’m looking at it, cropping it, resizing it, drawing on it, making it my own.”

-- Gossip monger Mario Lavandeira of PerezHilton.com, in an article by Virginia Heffernan of the New York Times

Are news stories supposed to be entertaining? (How about this one?) Maybe the above quote explains something about our generation. Using your analytical skills to obsess about celebrities' skinfolds? Really?

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Iwanttowearit said...

His outfit says it all. He looks like he's dressed as a limited edition couch designed by the pepto bismol factory. How's that for analysis? I do not want to wear it.