Monday, July 16, 2007

Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix

Here's my review. Aside from the third film in the series (directed by the dark wizard Alfonso Cuaron), the Harry Potter flicks serve as mere visual aids to the books, like a PowerPoint presentation or something. They're way too bare-bones and awkward to seriously compete. I'm a real sucker for montages though, and this one was full of them, so it wasn't all bad.

Where was the howler to Petunia though? And the scene where Harry asks Nearly Headless Nick why Sirius isn't a ghost? And what was with Sirius's death anyway? It looked like a bad acid trip.

Everything that happens in the film feels a little too pertinent -- the roiling chaos of the book has been turned into a checklist of important events. And anyone who read an 857-page tome could have sat through something longer.

(Note: this is not actually me)

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