Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Who are you calling an idiot box?

Simon Schama's Power of Art is one of those series that makes you feel guilty for not giving to public television. Its unfortunate title notwithstanding (he has the power of art?), yesterday's episode on "Guernica" was magnificent -- I missed about half of it mulling over what he had just said. As someone who envied the art history minors in college, this is a nice consolation prize, especially because it highlights the continued relevance of the work being discussed (in this case, how the painting was covered up when Colin Powell went to the UN and made the case for invading Iraq). Not quite as good as John Ashcroft covering up Lady Justice, but close enough.

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Iwanttowearit said...

Woot! Woot! Art History Minors!

Neha said...

I saw this episode! (During commercial breaks of the Dateline interview with Princes William and Harry. Matt Lauer will go down in the books as the one said Harry is a bit of wild thing. Rawr).