Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Songs (and videos) for the Weak

1. "Golden Skans" by Klaxons
A weird
video? Yes please! Oh wait -- maybe "Golden Skans" is a little too fun. Maybe it doesn't deserve such a lethargic treatment. Maybe we should listen to what my friend Rosangela's pin says: fuck art. Let's dance!
[Song available on iTunes]

2. "Inner City Pressure" by Flight of the Conchords
The whole video is good (and oddly comforting as I search for a place to live), but the black woman when there's 1:20 left makes it classic.

3. "Stay" by Dave Matthews Band
There's a scene in Six Feet Under where Claire makes fun of her older boyfriend for being "deeply unhip." Finally she's met her match: a man as adorably square as she is judgmental. He points out that being hip is an adolescent concern, so he'll take that as a compliment. Whenever I rediscover bands that I liked
when I was younger (like Dave Matthews), I try to keep that in mind and listen to the songs without any of the lame cultural baggage -- who said you can't like Bob Dylan and Britney Spears? This song occasionally makes me remember the awful people I went to high school with, but it's just too much fun to give up! (And if I relapse, I can just say how it's influenced by Paul Simon's Graceland.)
[Available on iTunes]

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zeenah said...

one of the best quotes in the entire series..its so true
who cares whats hip and unhip? once you get older no one gives a crap about anything anyway..i love claire but i ended up loving ted after that!