Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Songs for the Weak

"Pain Killer" by Gretchen Wilson
"I've been pouring whiskey on your memory..." So long as she's not dousing her head in the stuff, I really like that line. This is a ballad from Gretchen Wilson's new album. She's best known for the rowdy anthem "Redneck Woman," which, incidentally, was a huge hit among sorority girls at Rutgers (though they'd probably think she was too butch to be a tri-delt). Gretchen's not as good as, say, Lucinda Williams at conveying heartbreak -- her voice never cracks or quivers, and the production's a little too slick to sound raw -- but I'd still love to find this on a jukebox.
[Available on iTunes]

"Sic Transit Gloria...Glory Fades" by Brand New
No matter how fancy the titles get, emo bands always end up singing about the same thing: girls stink. This song tells us that "he is the lamb / she is the slaughter." Deep! I'm still a sucker for a catchy, well-produced chorus though (the same reason I once downloaded a song by Ashley Parker Angel, the guy from O-Town...)
[Available on iTunes]

"Raise Up" by Petey Pablo
"Who am I? Petey Pab, muthafucka!" Next time I go on a job interview I'm gonna use that as inspiration. Who am I? Rahulsha, muthafucka!
[Available on iTunes]

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