Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Songs for the Weak

"Conquer All" by Behemoth
Ever since we had cultural sensitivity training last week, I feel bad whenever I play Rotting Christ in the office. Behemoth is a more PC alternative, in part because their lyrics are even
harder to understand. This is my favorite song of theirs -- a sustained metal freakout for the behemoth in all of us!
[Available on iTunes]

"Baltimore Gas & Electric Co. #1" by Raymond Scott
"Am I high?!?" So asked my co-worker Selma when I played this. It's a good question, perhaps worth exploring in a later post. To me, it feels more like I'm being abducted by the funniest aliens ever. Raymond Scott also does a super-weird version of "Night and Day," which can best be described as blip, blip, boop! music (any resemblance to the Cole Porter original is purely coincidental).
[Available on iTunes]

"I'm Still in Love With You" by Sean Paul
I downloaded Sean Paul last week for the same reason there were six Bon Jovi songs in the iTunes top 100. The ghosts of summerjamz past -- so many memories... This song is a great introduction to dancehall for reggae fans who think it was all downhill after Phyllis Dillon (and with songs like "Thing of the Past," how could it not be?) It works off a sample from an old Marcia Aitken track, but don't let the title fool you -- Sean Paul's not in love at all, he's just answering a girl who is, breaking it to her that he's "a player, not a stayer." Just as not all poetry has to rhyme, it seems that not all rhymes have to be poetry. Still pretty addictive, though.
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