Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Songs for the Weak

"Addicted to Love" by Ciccone Youth
It's such a trip to hear Kim Gordon put absolutely no effort into singing this and still manage to stand up the original. A music snob like me would call this a lo-fi masterpiece; everyone else would just call it karaoke.
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"Ponderosa" by Tricky
Mark Pytlik was
right -- as fun as the new Bjork song "Earth Intruders" is, it's not as good as we would have imagined a collaboration between her and Timbaland would be. Wanna hear what it should've sounded like? Download this song, a hypnotic little thing from Tricky and guest vocalist Martina Topley Bird. The pseudo-tribal percussion is all Timbaland, except of course for the fact that he didn't break onto the pop scene until the next year, as the producer of Ginuwine's debut. The new Bjork album sounds pretty muddled, but after listening to this song it's hard to blame her: there's such a fine line between mystery and confusion.
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"Ibitsu" by Boris
Some of the most avid consumers of world music are metalheads. From Sepultura (Brazil) to Opeth (Sweden) to Boris (Japan), metal has made it here in way that's almost inspiring -- wrath may be the world's true universal language.
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"Glider" by My Bloody Valentine
If I ever have snotty teenage kids who want to sleep in all day, I'm gonna blast this song till they get up or their ears bleed. Wish me luck!
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